BRAND NEW! apostrophe(') live

The entire apostrophe (') album performed live on stage in 2010.

AVAILABLE NOW for streaming and download.

Dweezil Zappa Apostrophe Live Concert Film - Coming Soon!

Preview St. Alfonzo's Pancake Breakfast

John S.

Any plans on touring now that things are opening again?? 


Hi John,

We are discussing possible touring options for next year. I'll definitely keep everyone posted. Best, DZ

John S.


Chris Harbeck

What is the estimated date for the Apostrophe live concert film?


Hi Chris,

I don't have one at the moment because I am still constructing the studio for the Atmos mixes. The project is already mixed in 5.1 and stereo but it deserves to be highlighted in Atmos. I'll keep you posted on any new timeline. Best, DZ

Mike T.

Howdy, Dweezil. 2 things......firstly, I wish you and your family health and happiness, secondly, I just had a random memory of you playing at the House of Blues in San Diego maybe 2013(?) and some drunken buffoon threw a beer at you soaking you and your equipment.  I was absolutely livid having just witnessed that and I have no idea how you continued playing. Here's to better times! 


Hi Mike,

I recall that too. Fortunately, I didn't actually get soaked and neither did my equipment. The stage area did get wet which is unsafe. Our road crew handled that for us. Show must go on!

Eric C.

I suppose it beats getting pushed off the stage like his dad. 

Mike T.

Ahhh, your recollection is more accurate than mine. Not so shockingly, I also remembered aliens and a shark being involved, so I definitely trust your version.

Joseph B.

Dear Mr Zappa,

I am interested in a t-shirt. I don’t see anything on your site. I would prefer to buy your merchandise versus Zappa merchandise on Amazon.



Hi Joe,

I'll be adding Merch back on to my site very soon. Please keep an eye on it over the next few days. Thanks for your support!


My fellow Dweezers,

Pardon me for a moment. I am certainly not an expert, but, the fact that we can get this music instantly, or at all, via download, is a blessing. The cost to produce Cd's, or vinyl, for a limited run, would be ridiculous and time consuming. And that doesn't include liners. I download to a folder that I will burn or transfer to thumb drive. The UMRK is closed, but we are privileged to have exclusive content at our fingertips. Cheers!!!

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