Randy Rhoads

Randy Rhoads

Hi DZ - I’m listening to your Dean Delray interview. You’ve consistently mentioned Randy Rhoads as a formative influence alongside Frank and Eddie. Personally, even though I love Eddie, Randy was the guitarist that inspired me as a child, all the way through to today. Have you ever considered creating content about Randy, along the lines of the current VH podcast? His music, personality, and legacy is certainly deserving. Thank you for everything you do.

Wesley J.

Like you, I saw this interview and think it might need some polishing. For this, you may use the movavi glitch maker https://www.movavi.com/learning-portal/best-free-glitch-effect-generators.htmlhappy wheels. I can guarantee you that the image quality would have been far higher if these effects had been used.


peters j.

Thanks for the reply DZ. 

Byrd F.

The influence of the Randy Rhoads documentary is something I think about often, and I appreciated your contribution to the film. Among the best in his or her league

Levi A.

I also watched this interview and it seems to me that the quality can be improved. The movavi glitch generator can help with thishttps://www.movavi.com/learning-portal/best-free-glitch-effect-generators.html . If they had applied these effects, I assure you the picture quality would be hundreds of times better.

Adalberto H.

Thanks for the reply DZ. Yup, doing quality podcasting is time consuming.




For music stores and guitar instructors, Randy and Edward were those "job creators" you here about so much in the news these days... 


You might like this if you haven't heard it, it's my take on Randy's SATO solo.


This is great album! I actually have it on vinyl. Great job by all the musicians who perform on it! Randy was so unbelievable!


It would be great to be able to do something like that for Randy. I'd also like to do a podcast about my dad. I just need 397 more hours in the day in order to get those things up and running. I'd love to do it but it's a matter of time at the moment. Best, DZ


Dave W.

I enjoyed your piece in the Randy Rhoads documentary,  love hearing other musicians talk about the impact of this all time A leaguer


Thanks for the reply DZ. Yup, doing quality podcasting is time consuming. Looking forward to what comes next.


I scanned a few classic guitar magazine's coverage of Randy. http://randyrhoadsarchive.blogspot.com/


My humble little Randy related story...

When I was a kid, in the year after Randy died, I walked around the neighborhood and sold candy bars as a fundraiser for my little league team. As I approached one of the houses a teenage boy was in the driveway with a Randy t shirt on. “Cool shirt!” I said. “He’s my brother” was the reply. “Come on inside” he said.” Turns out it was one of Randy’s half brothers. I went inside and was given a short tour. A painting of Randy hung over the fireplace, and his baby, child, and school pictures hung on the walls. It was quick, but magical. I ran home, put the speakers in my window and cranked Blizzard in tribute. I was a very shy kid, and respectful, and I never went back and knocked on the door. I rode my bike by there all the time hoping it would happen again, but it never did. Would have loved to have met and talked to his Dad, who was a local teacher and instrument manufacturer. It meant a lot to me and still does.

Dave W.

I read another story from one of the studends where his dad taught that they got to hear the blizzard of ozz demos

Dave W.

awesome story, this was in Connecticutt?  I think his dad ended up teaching music there.

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