Lord Strike That Poor Boy Down!

Lord Strike That Poor Boy Down!




The RWTD EP - 6 (Nuno Bettencourt part 1) is finally available!!!


I highly recommend listening to this episode with headphones!


Happy New Year! Thanks for your patience!




Awesome, awesome. That mean street (live) intro is still unbelievable. Goosebumps..... 

I love fair warning, it’s my all time favorite album!!! 

Dweezil, fantastic work again


greetz from the Netherlands




Fantastic !! Well worth the wait and we'll worth putting the headphones on for.

Happy New year too !!

Dweezil Z.

I noticed a dropout in the file posted online. I fixed it and have uploaded the corrected file. Computers are fun...

Fab S.

Hi Dweezil,


PLEASE, PLEASE share more of the “for Dweez” cassette. I have been replaying from 52:00 until the end of the snippet, for the past 20 min. I can’t get enough. 

I need more cowbell... ha ha ha. 

Awesome job dude!!!

Dweezil Z.

Hi Fab,

Thanks, glad you're enjoying the episode. I'll do what I can with the cassette. It's not in great condition and there's not a whole lot on it, unfortunately.

Dweezil Z.

The Episode is now live on the site! I hope you enjoy it!