Fair Warning PART DEUX!

Fair Warning PART DEUX!

Hello Everyone,

I'm working very hard on Fair Warning Part 2 with Nuno Bettencourt. My computer hard drive issues are improving so that is good news. (I ultimately need a new computer but can't swing that just yet.)

For those of you who've heard part one, you know that I really personalized the post-production elements in order to enhance the stories. It was very time-consuming to do that but it really helped make the first episode special.

For continuity purposes, I have continued to create extra layers of sound for episode 2. I also have some extra things I would like to do to make this episode the best it can be so ultimately I need a bit more time to make that happen. I plan to include another very special audio snippet for all of you! It comes from my unreleased "What The Hell Was I Thinking?" album and relates to a story at 5150.

In any case, in order to make sure I will have enough time to finish the episode with the proper attention to detail, I plan to premiere the episode on Saturday instead of Thursday. In the immortal words of David Lee Roth - "I don't feel tardy," I do know that I am going to be tardy and I apologize for the delay. I appreciate your patience once again. The wait will be worth it!


Best, DZ


Take your time Dweezil to get it the way you want it -- when YOU are happy with the episode/final product, am sure we will be amazed and delighted with the final product too.    The last episode's "strategically placed special sonic enhancements" (SPSSE?) had me laughing out loud/cracking me up.  To me, we're also PAYING for those creative enjoyment enhancements only your fertile mind could conceive of and execute, and all the future laughs to come from them -- all well worth the wait!  Love ya man!



Greeting from the UK! Where I live we are in Alert Level 5 Tier 4 Lockdown!! Your podcasts are helping me get through it so many thanks for all your hard work.

Dweezil Z.

Thank you Niahl! Hang in there with the lockdown. Crazy times... sheesh.

David McCain

I'm really enjoying the series so far. Just stellar! 

Funny enough, I saw Andy Wood's latest podcast episode on the 90s EVH tone. Looking forward to hearing him with DZ on the Balance album breakdown. 

Daryl C.

Good things come to those who wait.

shawn o.

Worth the wait!

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