Gary B.

Incredible... As always. Keep sending them through! 


Thank you. Tremenjous

Bill M

I am loving this. Keep 'em coming!


Vegetable, (Call Any?)

Totally can not get enough! I'm loving the works that to me are masterpieces! I am SO thrilled when a new email arrives notifying me of new additions!
And been meaning to ask for years since that sound check invite where we hung out for sound check and even were able to choose songs! It was a dream come true!!!
Then the band played... FOR REAL... Billy The Mountain!!! I lost that whole download in a hard drive crash. Ohh the horror of that! So asking if that could be made available again on "Warts"? 
Hugs and Love to you and family Dweez! 

Michael Doherty

Thank you for the new music Dweezil!