Roy M.

Greasey good!!


Thanks Roy!

Matti S.

Thank's for the new ones!

Paul B.

Can't wait until next month! Most Excellent!

Radovan J.

Ship Arriving Too .. GREAT !!!

Vegetable, (Call Any?)

Black Page 1 Wowie!! LOVE it! I love the drums as I play them and wouldn't mind finding the "Pages" for that!
Then comes incredibly mind altering drumming in "Black Page 2, Incredibly Fast" Whew!!! Tired just trying to hear it all!! SO so great and like all the music You preform, It and all here in this group of outstanding musical pieces. I last saw the band at the really COLD OUTDOOR Jay Peak Resort Show! I just couldn't get enough HOT coffee! Dweezil was in like a T-Shirt!!! OMG don't get your Super Human abilities!!!
The rest of the band were trying to scavenge warmer shirts and the like! MIND blowing show it was and with near no cash left to my name became a silver subscriber here yesterday! No regrets as I can hear so much more than a non payer. I'll just drink a lot more water!