Sazerac Jeff

Ship Arriving Too Late To Save a Drowning Witch has always been in my top few Zappa tracks. Listening to this version all by itself justified the cost of the subscription. Damn, Dweezil, you and the band are simply a herculean talent.


Wow, thanks for the kind words. We do our best do the music justice. That song is very hard. I have other versions with solos that go into the stratosphere as well. I'll be posting them over time. Maybe even as part of a new "Shut Up & Play Yer Guitar" style album.


Thanks for the quality control info guys! Paul W. and john m. We are working on the issue. We may need to contact you further for other info about functionality. Stand by!

Paul W.

Another small download issue (for me anyway ), seems the tracks don't seem contain other info only the music per se  (they all dload  with the same name - "original", and no other data (it seems...) Also no 2  thru 4.

John F.

I got around that issue in Windows by right click, save file as....then the track name (minus track #) was ready to be saved.


john m.

On my PC there's no download button for tracks 2-4 either DZ.


Listening to these on headphones the audio quality is fantastic, ive also noticed viewing on my phone there is no option for download tracks 2-4 using google, I've only been streaming tracks so far.


Glad you're liking the audio quality. I'll forward the info about tracks 2-4 to the team for investigation.