March 05, 2024 - 12:00 AM PST


Gerald T.

Dear Mr. THE DWEEZ! For the first tome in my life I attempted to post pictures using my iPhone. I really have no idea how to do it correctly. Apologies, I posted too many so please delete at your discretion. I went back in to post 3 more of You & I, Me & Denny Wally & Me & Ike Willis. It would not let me(I don't blame It) LOL. I just want you to know it all came from a place of Love for Frank/Dweezil  Music. We have seen FZ many times, the last three times in 88 at the Tower Philly, Allentown Pa & the infamous "Irish girls make a sex noise" concert Binghamton NY Saint Paddy's Day. We were lucky enough to catch you in Philly at your first concert back in the United States after your first European tour when you came blasting in from Reykjavik Iceland & then again in Wilkes-Barre Pa & Atlantic City(remember the buffet at the Borgata). WE can't wait to see you again. All the Best to You!-- Your friends-- Diane, Anya & Jerry   

John P.

Hello Everyone. Some help please. I'm a long time fan. Saw FZ six times in England. The Dweez six times so far - 3 shows in England and three in Amsterdam. My 70th birthday is in August. So, I would love to come to one of the shows in August. 

Can some kind people answer the question "which venues are closest to an international airport?"


Mike H.

Tarrytown NY and Huntington NY are both within an hour of NYC and LaGuardia or JFK airports.

Hi John, The Albuquerque Int'l Sunport is an hour south of Santa Fe, NM, USA, where Dweezil will be finishing up on Sept 11th. If you were to come to Albuquerque and needed to be picked up and whisked up to the City Different, well, as George Harrison said in Hard Day's Night, "I'd be quite prepared for that eventuality. Let know. mm-exp

David R.

For the upcoming tour, how many songs off the Apostrophe album will be played?


Hope we in the UK get to witness this fine rocking teenage combo 

Chris L.

I'm ecstatic that you guys are back on the road after all this time. I managed to score front row for the first three shows so I'll be doing a bit of traveling but it will be worth it. It's nice to know that you have someone to play the mallet parts. Ruth was too much of a part of that band's sound to take out of the arrangements. Thank you for brightening up my year. See you on the road!

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