Dweezil Zappa - Silver Plan

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Dweezil Zappa - Silver Plan
$30.00 per year


Thank you for considering a direct subscription.  Music is very important in my life.  With the recent worldwide changes, musicians are among those whose livelihoods have been affected the most, myself included.  I want to thank all of you for your kind words and support over the last 14 years of solid touring.  While I'm unable to tour now, I'd like to be able to continue connecting with all of you through music. 

The Silver Subscription unlocks exclusive content for your eyes and ears only.  For $30 per year (or the price of a cup of coffee per month - $2.50), subscribers can access video and music that cannot be seen or heard anywhere else.   

You'll get more than a dozen FREE DOWNLOADS the moment you sign up. Each one of my records will contain at least one free download (sometimes more!)  You will find your FREE DOWNLOADS in the MUSIC store with a download prompt.

As we build out the site to include live broadcasts and community events with live chat, I am also planning to start live guitar lessons. Silver Subscribers will be eligible to receive the teaching schedule before anyone else.

Reward Music makes it easy for us to gather in one place, stay informed, and entertained.  From streaming to downloading, adding photos, commenting, and engaging in the community, every action you participate in is rewarded with points.  I love that I'm able to give all of you something in return for the years of goodwill and support you've given me.  I'm very grateful.  The more love you show, the more your rewards grow. 

When friends show up for each other it makes a big difference.  Thank you for showing up!

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