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Chris L.

Dweezil- I hope you guys are working up an "Inca Roads" with a little room for the gang to riff. I know it was not on either Roxy or Apostrophe but it was performed several times during the Roxy sessions and never fails to please (it's one of my personal faves). I'm probably not the only one of your dad's fans who fell in love with the group of albums he recorded with George, Ruth and the rest of that fantastic band, and those of us still alive to see you guys play the same material are infinitely grateful to all of you. Can't wait until August.  P.S. Any interesting guest appearances lined up for this tour?

Robert S.

Hey DZ ! That Machine Head remaster is crazy good & crazy fun ! Thank you for undertaking that monumental effort ! Brought back those ‘ol cassette tape memories ! F'king Ritchie Blackmore ! See you soon !

Lisa B.

Dear Dweezil: My super cool neurodivergent 9 year old is a huge fan of Apostrophe. He’s begging to go to the Warfield show, but is it really kid friendly? What say you? Attaching some of his artwork for your amusement. 


The Meat Place. 

John Sparkman

I was doing yard work the other day, and was struck with a great idea. 

What if your next project was a covers album of Carol King songs?
You could get of photo of yourself for the album cover, seated on a window sill bench, with cats. 

Then you could call the album 'Zappestry'. 

(I'll go ahead and be quiet now.)

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