New Amp Day!
Has anyone had the pleasure of melting faces with one of these? My band just ripped a cover of Frank’s “I’m the Slime>Muffin Man>More Trouble Every Day” and this baby can get that high gain sound that I always admired in Frank’s playing.
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Hey Ryan ... yup ... got my slo30 a last summer.  Have played it almost every day since.  Best amp i have ever played (except for some old vintage fenders and marshalls).  But for the 80's rock ... It is the most inspiring amp I have ever played.  I have been a giant pedal board guy like most of us for the last 5 or 6 years ... but with this amp i haven't touched a pedal since (except for a delay/reverb pedal in the fx loop).

I feel sorry for those who have yet to discover the magic of this amp.