Episode 21 - Joe Bonamassa

Just finished listining to episode 21 with Joe Bonamassa.

Where's Eddie?

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Ethel C.

I learned a lot about the amps, guitars, string gauges, and other musical equipment Edward uses from this geometry dash lite episode.

David McCain

I was curious about the Joe episode. To be honest, Joe seems more of a " tech geek " style interview ( because his knowledge about amps actually frightens me-haha )! Turns out, this episode gave me A LOT to think about in terms of Edward's usage of amps/guitars/string gauges, and the like. . .Good episode. I was expecting it to be a little more techy but it tuned out really great! Gave me a lot to think about, actually. 

David D

After you’ve finished with the Van Halen podcast…you should do a podcast with my New York friend…about his music interests and whatever…I bet people would buy that… just an idea…dd

David D

Dweezil…I hope you’re doing well…we all miss your Zappa shows…but if you need any boring tennis information…I can probably help…not so good on guitar stuff…dd


It's hard not to wonder about that. I did ask a lot of questions about Edward but as it turns out, not every guitar player knows a lot about Edward Van Halen. I do try to engage with players that have a good awareness but occasionally some players have less awareness. Joe still had a lot to offer in terms of guitar appreciation.