Chris Ballenger

Questions, questions, questions...
where can I go...

1) Once a SILVER subscriber, are you able
    to download all of the music, even the
    tracks only labeled as "Subscribe"?

2) Once a SILVER subscriber, are you able
    to download the $2 tracks or are they
    stream only
("Yes" above answers
this question

Thanks so much! Can't wait to see Zappa
out on the road again really soon!

Chris Ballenger

Example: On this WAA record, are SILVER
subscribers able to download 18 songs?
Or 9 songs?
Or stream only all songs?


Hi Chris,

Happy New Year! A Silver Subscription allows full streaming of all audio plus downloads of FREE tracks included in the subscription. Each album has at least one free track available to download and many have several tracks that are FREE to download. Any tracks can be purchased a la carte and then downloaded. There should be a download icon next to the songs that are downloadable. There is a music note icon that allows you to build a playlist for streaming.

I hope that answered your question.

Chris Ballenger

Yes, thank you Dweezil. Have a Happy New Year. 

Might we expect some dates down the East Coast sometime this year? I have my fingers crossed!

Steve Thorne

Have a better new year, everybody. I realize that is like, a really low bar, but still. Music IS the best and this is the BEST music.

Ted P.

Thanks for excellent music as aways.  Have always loved You're a Mean One Mister Grinch too.  Such excellent guitar!

Happy New Year to you and your family.

Bostjan K.

Wooohooo! Looove it!


the ^pex

Strictly Genteel et all!