David D

Thanks for the new song additions...great stuff 


Great renditions to the warts collection. Keep rocking’ everybody .Stay Safe.


Steve Thorne

I was at that Solana Beach (Belly Up Tavern) show. Great show, as always.



Love that ripping tone on Pojama People ..... I remember the first time I heard it .... turning stone casino (I uploaded pics, dancers on stage) August 2, 2011 

 DZ was warming up behind closed doors. Dave and I stood outside the doors listening to DZ just ripping it up! I miss live shows .... I miss my March 2020 cancelled Hot Rats show 


hey DZ can we go back to the old days ... you know, you’d play those almost 3 hour shows, I think 3 hours 15 min was the longest I attended. Can’t wait to have you and the band back up here in Canada .... Since 2006 I have never gone this long without a DZ show 


my ears IS thirsty 


Keep the music going, great site Dweezil!!!!!! New Silver: 1.