Robert S.

We wore out multiples of that Johnny Guitar Watson album

Michael Doherty

First time hearing Dog Breath.. What a song! Instant new favorite. Thank you Dweezil!


You should get a copy of "Was Mothers Just Another Band from LA?".  A fantastic live FZ album that I feel captures the spirit of the band at that time.


Newly minted silver here. I now have new music, most of which I know and love. I'm sure there will be lots of interesting content to follow. Thanks for keeping my favorite music in the ether. Always a fan, now a small sponsor too. Thanks!


Hi Mark,

Thanks so much for your support. I hope you enjoy all the new music headed your way. Best, DZ

Dimitri Laskas

Dweezil, loving this whole format....and rough around the edges works for happy you did this...Hope all is well and can't wait to see ya in NY soon!


So great to hear my favorite artist played live again. Thanks Dweezil for doing this you are playing some really hard stuff. You and your bands are making Frank proud.


Thanks Dennis!