Truly amazing. Such a sad loss. Such an amazing human (talented) being.

When I heard about EVH, I thought of you Dweezil.  Everyone knows you have much to be thankful for, but it doesn't lessen the pain.  Thanks for the new music service, btw.  It's the best thing out there for any artist or band.  I remember 70s guitar was really dying.  Other thank Frank and maybe Alan Holdsworth, I had temporarily refrained from listening to guitar parts that you could sing along with upon the first hearing.  Then I overheard VanHalen, and it was like....ahhh. the electric guitar isn't quite dead after all. Kicked everyone in the ass, like Jaco did on bass a few years prior. I was fortunate to see EVH twice, the last tour with Roth, and the first tour with Hagar. All the best to everyone here.

Daryl C.

It still hasn't hit me yet that Eddie is no longer with us, but his spirit lives on as does his music. Great song and tribute to both Frank and EVH!

Rich O.

Hi Dweezil, I very much appreciate the time you took to sign my Wolfgang guitar after the show last December in London. 

David McCain

Hey Dweezil. Thank for the music! As far as EVH's passing, thanks for the tribute. Still in shock, like the rest of us. But, your tribute is very heartfelt. Needed to hear this music today! 


It's crazy to be in post Edward Van Halen world. Hang in there.