Thank you for the EVH tribute, Needed that!


R.I.P EVH. Amazing guy.

Goliath V.

Hi Dweezil,

Sorry to hear about Eddie's passing, I know you knew each other quite well and he was a friend of your dad's as well.

What a sad year this is turning out to be, there are no words to describe what this man has meant to the world of hard rock / metal 

I was only able to see him live once in 1995 and would have loved to see him in his heyday with DLR in the 80's 

A legend who will be sorely missed 

All the best



Great version.


Van wHalen

Pure awesomeness! Thanks for sharing, Dweezil!  

I especially like Flo Po EVH

Sorry to hear about EVH.  

RIP Edward