john m.



Mike Foster

Seasons greetings from Leicestershire, England, Dweezil ! I just want to say that I think the version of I Want To Ta Ta You Babe on here is just exquisite and to thank you for this track - wonderful stuff!

michael p.

Greetings Dweezil,was the “i want to ta ta you” written by frank or johnny guitar watson? Seem to remember hearing this on a jg watson  album…btw it was awesome meeting you at york concert and other UK dates ... best to you n yours  from UK


One of my favorite pieces! Thanks. Merry Christmas! 
Hey, ya ever think of making a real cool guitar Christmas album. With all your effects and pedals & cool sounds you always come up with…… just saying,

Peace brother!

Roy M.

Merry Christmas to you Dweezil, as well as to your awesome families, immediate and otherwise….☃️