Robert S.

This is so much hard work & so much fun listening & of course attending ! Please lets all get thru this pandemic shit & we’ll all see each other out there somewhere soon ! Thank you Dweezil. Jones’n !


Great new additions to this collection !!

peter a.

Well, I haver a Silver plan but I cant access these tracks.


Hi Peter,

Can you explain the problem you are experiencing? You are unable to access any of the tracks? We can help you get things sorted.

peter a.

Last login, I had only two option on each track: Sudscribe and 2$, but now all looks fine. Thanks for coming back!!

Lest hope you can get on the roads again soon. Having hell of a Cold Turkey of live music. 



Hi Peter,

Glad everything is working for you. Let me know if you have any other issues. Hopefully, I'll be able to play live again soon. In the meantime I'm working a building a recording space so that I can make more music and begin doing live performance streams with high-quality audio and video. Thanks for your support.

Best, DZ


All I can say is,  “Arf” and THANKS for amazing music. M

Eric C.

Apostrophe sounds like same version from great south bay musicfest. Thanks dweezil!