Thank you for the new episode. When will flac/wav be offered for all previous episodes?

Christopher L.


Matt O.

Another masterpiece. That Godzilla thing was epic. It's funny how people hear things. We all have these computers(brain) that are tuned to the universe in a unique way. The experiences that you have had with Ed and even these guys like Nuno are really something man. You have had a most interesting and blessed life. So my number two guy besides Ed for overall guitar and song composition is Billy Corgan....These two bands literally changed my life. Ed was in a different universe and made me pick up the instrument. Billy made me want to quit playing because the Pumpkins sounded like the band I wanted to be so why try anymore? Lol.  Looking forward that one. Peace!

Dweezil Z.

Hi Matt,

I think Billy would like your comment! Glad you enjoyed the episode. Funny how Godzilla became part of Fair Warning. I was really surprised by how close the first note actually was to the sound of Godzilla, with pitch bend and overtones. Weird, right?

Michael Doherty


Michael Doherty

Thank you for the EVH WTHWIT sneak peek!