Gumbo Variations Live!

2010 Live Performance - Gumbo Variations - From The Soon To Be Released Full-Length apostrophe(') Concert Film.

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David D

I just watched Inca roads again for the first time in awhile from the 2006 video and song/solo means so much to me because that is the song that made me a lifer...I can’t thank you enough for keeping this awesome music alive/live...dd

David D

Sounds great...can’t wait...hope all is well...dd

David D

Dz...I know you are super busy with the Van Halen podcast ...but this show would be a fantastic gift for Zappa fans 


Hi David,

It's definitely in the works. Been checking into delivery options for multi-channel ambisonic mixes and some other final tweaks on the show.


Their is a Mustachioed Dude up there some where saying "oh my goodness, look at her go!!"

Phil C.

An excellent band - personal favorite.  Sheila at stage left?  Liked the Sugarcane licks.  Whoever was on the mix and ignored Pete on bass at 7:00 should be ashamed.  Nice, nice, nice, ending!!!


Thanks Phil. BTW Pete is not playing at 7:00 minutes in the song, That's where the drum solo lives. Bass comes in loud and clear right after that.

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