A sneak peek at the Dweezil Zappa Plays apostrophe(') LIVE concert film St. Alfonzo's Pancake Breakfast

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marc r.

Anyone have any idea where to get a chart for the part Dweezil is playing, even with tab just for efficiency on learning it on guitar?  Learning this note for note cold is on my bucket list and this clip is just thing to help. Would rather get it in my ears with help from my eyes, if possible.


Bill M

Love the audio album, still hoping for a DVD/BluRay on this....


Hi Bill,

I'm still working on the Concert film. I'm planning to do Atmos mixes for the concert. It already has 5.1 mixes and stereo but it deserves to be heard in Atmos. I'll keep you posted!

Bill M

Excellent news! Thanks for the reply.

Tom Atkins

Amazing! And Billy Hulting too! Double Whammy Happiness Surprise!!!

tom h.



Get on the bus! Can’t wait 

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