A sneak peek at the Dweezil Zappa Plays apostrophe(') LIVE concert film St. Alfonzo's Pancake Breakfast

Tom Atkins

Amazing! And Billy Hulting too! Double Whammy Happiness Surprise!!!

tom h.



Get on the bus! Can’t wait 

Vegetable, (Call Any?)

SO I just checked everything and all's fine... It stopped again in the same spot and the progress bar at the bottom of the vid is at the end too. SO bummed as this video is just phenomenal as can be! What I am able to see is up to about the end of that mind blowing  guitar solo of yours. It's so stellar! Had me smiling ear to ear and kind of hard to believe You & Frank can / could play with such rapid precision! 

Vegetable, (Call Any?)

OK.. it was playing darn fine, then suddenly stopped.. Do I need a higher level subscriber-ship to hear the whole song? (This happens when best connections at peak too).

So bummed after subscribing Dweezil. I'm on disability just trying to keep the costs of good things down. I have no real income anymore, and I been by your dad's side and yours all along, I loved Frank, and your killer recreations since you began touring. Can this ever play without stopping and going constantly? Or is it the provider of my service which usually seems the more likely culprit....
"A-OK?". If not Forgive me. Seems the parts that stop shouldn't be there. I still love the recordings no matter what. 
I never want to lose you as a long time friend. Cuz U know how to rock!


Hi Jimmer,

The video plays through on our end. I'm sorry your having trouble with it on your end. It may very well be your service provider. Maybe you could do a speed test so that you could be assured your service is working as it should?

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