Billy The Mountain - Lo Res Promo!

Dweezil Zappa Live At The Roxy - 2008

Lo-Res Promo

"Billy The Mountain"

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Last week, in fabulous downtown ABQ, I came up on an elderly couple, driving really, really slow.  What were they driving???
Studebaker Hawk, Yea Yea!
Studebaker Hawk, Stude..Bay.. kerHawk, 

David McCain

Never really got too much into this tune, truthfully. But, that changed when you guys played it in Sacramento at The Crest ( 2008 ) and Joe Travers introduced the " Octomom " ( Nadya Suleman ) word in the middle section. I DROPPED my drink and I fell over laughing HARD while on the floor. I can STILL hear ( and remember ) the laughter from that moment.

Thanks for the preview! 


This is a crazy tune for sure!

Angela T.


Rob F.

Hi Dweezil a big thank you from Perth, Western Australia, for decades, the dancing lesson has kept me awake at nights, wondering what's going on there.


Hi Rob,

I'm not sure what's going on there but it would appear to be a way to display the nightly folklore generated on tour. My dad was always including things that, making layers of entertainment.


This band sure didn't fuck around

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