Zoot Allures Practice (07/29/21)

This is me practicing Zoot Allures on my new EVH 5150! I believe I am only using the EarthQuaker Devices Afterneath and Avalanche Run for this. 

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Good one.

Mike K.

Nice work

ive been teaching myself  Zoot allures on a classical guitar. .  I picked some of it off of YouTube  when Dweezil  was sharing a few licks of  Frank's  work.    He revealed   A few "chunks".    I need more chunks!! Or  perhaps some sheet music or tabs so that I can continue  the song........ Accurately !  


I still watch that Sweetwater video that Dweezil made, which among other things had a great demonstration of the opening of Zoot Allures.  Thanks again, Dweezil.

Brian D.

How old are you in the video?


Nice! I'll have to send you a little video to show you the chord voicings so you can really nail it.

Michael Doherty

Thank you Dweezil! I really appreciate that!

David G

I would love to see those voicings too!