1982 Kramer Star Guitar

In 1982 Edward Van Halen gave me a Kramer Star Guitar. I used it to record “My Mother Is A Space Cadet” and it was also the guitar I used when I first played on stage with my dad at the London Hammersmith Odeon.

I pulled it out of the case for the first time in years and tried to play “Eruption” on it.


DUUUuude U rock ! hope things r good..when someone can help set up an instagram thing..I'll do that & say hi on that...

roy marchbank

Not only did you nail the solo but that tone is huge. WOW! 

Dave E.

He’s going to “try” to play it LOL. Sir… you ripped it - AND you’re a Tone Monster, by the way. 

Calvin R.


Craig Parker Adams


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