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    My Mother Is A Space Cadet
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    This is my debut musical recording. Produced by Edward Van Halen, when I was 12 years old. Edward Van Halen plays the slide guitar intro!

My debut single from 1982. It was recorded at the UMRK when I was 12 years old. It was produced by Edward Van Halen and Engineered by Donn Landee. Together they were credited as De Vards.

Ryan E.

Who played the drums on this?


Jay Cuccurullo, Warren's brother.

Jack M.

I think I got Crunchy Water in a magazine as a floppy single. I can’t remember am I right about this?


I have this on vinyl!


Tucker C.

This was my first exposure to anything Zappa. I was just starting to play and was so excited to see a record with a kid right around my own age on the cover. Crunchy Water was the first song I learned to play all the way through! Little did I know then that it was the start of a lifelong obsession.

David McCain

Still sounds great, all these years later ( I recently introduced this tune to my young boys-they ADORE it ). If I'm not mistaken, didn't Edward pay the octave outro part to the solo as well? Sounds like his bends/vibrato on that section. 


Yes, the very end melody with the unison bends is also EVH. It was so cool to watch him play it in the studio. Of course it was just one take.

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