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    Excentrifugal Forz
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"Exentrifugal Forz" was never performed live by my dad. We played it as close to the record as we could. I had fun playing lead guitar in my dad's style. I did allow myself to improvise but I used my dad's framework and vocabulary as my guide so that I could keep things in context to the original song.

"Excentrifugal Forz"

The clouds are really cheap
The way I seen 'em thru the ports
Of which there is a half-a-dozen
On the base of my resorz
You wouldn't think I'd have too many
Since I never cared for sports
But I'm never really lonely
In my Excentrifugal Forz

There's always Korla Plankton
Him 'n me can play the blues
An' then I'll watch him buff that
Tiny ruby that he use
He'll straighten up his turban
An' eject a little ooze
Along a one-celled Hammond Organism
Underneath my shoes
An' then I'll call PUP TENTACLE
I'll ask him how's his chin
I'll fine out
How the future is
Because that's where he's been
His little feet got long 'n flexible
An' suckers fell right in
The time he crossed the line