Oliver F.

Great stuff!

John F.

Will Tracks 2-4 be available for download purchase?


Hi John,

They are programmed to be showing up on the site as being available for download or purchase. Are they not working for you? Please let us know which browser you are using in case we need to troubleshoot with that in mind. The fun of technology!


Also, this is a subscription only album. If you haven't subscribed yet that would also be the reason the tracks aren't working for you.

Allen D.

The sound of Kurt's bass on Apostrophe is amazing - like a 4-string Godzilla monster!!!!  OMG - Loved that tone!!


Glad you liked it! I'm sure Kurt will be pleased.

Fredrick R. Domenigoni

Thanks so Much, Dweezil for putting this out here.  I just got done watching my Backers copy of Alex's Documentary on your dad.  I wish I had a vision like he did when I was young and I am hoping the struggle between you and your brother is now in the past.  And I am really hoping that doing my small part, in some small way to preserve your dad's vault, will bring happiness to others as it has me in the future.  I can not wait to see you and your band back here in Arizona.  BTW, have you been back to the house since Lady Gaga bought the place?  If not, I hope you get that chance with her...


Hi Frederick,

Thanks for the message. I know that my dad made mark on many people's lives and I'm glad that you have enjoyed his music and supported it.

I don't have anything to do with the film you mentioned and have not seen it. I also don't have anything to do with any of the projects the zft does, nor does my sister Moon.

I haven't been back to the old house. Maybe one day...

As for touring, of course it would be nice to be able to plan regular tours the way we all used to. Hopefully that will return one day in the not to distant future. Until then, I'll be working on releasing stuff here on my site.

Best, DZ

Fredrick R. Domenigoni

I hope you get the chance to see the Documentary.  It is surprisingly good.  I was glad it was not a concert film.  It is about your dad and I hope once you see it you will find it accurate since you were there.  I recorded my backers stream and I would be happy to share it with you only.  I can not in good conscience share it with others as that is not in the spirit of what your dad stood for.  I am also very proud to have helped save the vault.  His life and legacy needs to be around for centuries to come.   I'm sure you know how to contact me if that is something you are interested in.  Your fathers music and you continuance of wonderful life grooves keeps the world sane.  Be well and safe...



ohhhh, this is brilliant!