Carl C.

I love this so much and thought I knew EVERYTHING but learned so much. I cant wait for the Don Landee interview !!

James W.

Thanks to you and all of the great musicians  who participated in your podcasts, future generations will know more about Edward than they ever will know about Beethoven, Mozart or any of the other fathers of music. Thank you Dweezil.

Jason G.

It’s been such a joy to listen to all these episodes, and I can’t wait for episodes about the Hagar years. You have a real talent at doing these interviews and analysis Dweezil. Just a great job. 

Steve S.

I bet getting Dweezil, Satchel, and Blues together would be a good time. Lots of laughs. Thanks for the bonus episodes.

C .

Dweezil - many thanks for the bonus EPs!!  I didn't think the Russ/Satchel episode was going to be one of my favorites. But there's so much lick analysis that just makes this one really stand out. The perfect ending to the Early Years EPs, so good!


Thank you C! He's a great player and obviously loves EVH. It was to chat with him. Glad you liked the episode. Almost ready to launch - Right Here, Right Now. I plan to release it on the 4th of July.