Jason G.

It’s been such a joy to listen to all these episodes, and I can’t wait for episodes about the Hagar years. You have a real talent at doing these interviews and analysis Dweezil. Just a great job. 

Steve S.

I bet getting Dweezil, Satchel, and Blues together would be a good time. Lots of laughs. Thanks for the bonus episodes.

C .

Dweezil - many thanks for the bonus EPs!!  I didn't think the Russ/Satchel episode was going to be one of my favorites. But there's so much lick analysis that just makes this one really stand out. The perfect ending to the Early Years EPs, so good!


Thank you C! He's a great player and obviously loves EVH. It was to chat with him. Glad you liked the episode. Almost ready to launch - Right Here, Right Now. I plan to release it on the 4th of July.

Paul P.

This has been a great journey so far. Many memories are coming back to me. I know I'm lucky, I saw the mighty VH in 1981 with my dad and 2 brothers.. I was 10 yrs old, nuts. At the end of the show the whole lighting rig above dropped down and became a giant <VH> logo.. and back then you didn't know what the show, stage, setlist would be ahead of time like you do now. We got to that show early and saw the 4 limos drive in, one by one.. still daylight outside, this was July... we couldn't see into the limos, tinted glass.. the last limo stopped right in front of our good sized gathering of people.. the door pops open and Dave, wearing leather and shades, hops out and struts right past the fans for the final 50 yards into the amphitheater (Chicago)... it was magical for a kid to see. Also saw Diver Down and 1984 tours, Eat Em and Smile tour, Steve Vai solo for Sex and Religion and many G3's.. I am grateful. I was also lucky enough to see Blues Saraceno play for a small crowd at a guitar store in suburban Chicago. This was at the "Sound Post" in LaGrange IL.. It was a promo for Bag End speakers. Blues was a young pup and he absolutely ripped!! Way better than a concert because it was intimate and loud.. and you could see him play.. afterwards Blues talked about his experience getting into the music biz. Great! I saw Jennifer with JB at the Chicago Theater, maybe 1999? Damn I love her. And one more, I saw a pretty young Greg Howe at the Thirsty Whale, Chicago. Howe is such a great, naturally gifted player and sounds even better now! Thank you Dweezil, you are the perfect ambassador to all things Eddie.

Fab S.

Greg Howe was great!

When will the Landee/Templeman podcast be posted?  ;^D