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    Mark Lettieri - Episode 13
    July 21, 2021

    It's 5150 Time! The long awaited season premiere of RWTD - Right Here, Right Now is locked and loaded for your listening pleasure.

    Mark Lettieri is my guest and we take a deep dive into the first Sammy Hagar era Van Halen album, 5150.

    Don't miss the special "Mammoth" moment with wah-wah out- freakage!

(Runnin' With The Dweezil does not claim to be endorsed by Van Halen.)

This 12 episode package will focus on the new era of Van Halen. Sammy Hagar ushered in a new sound that combined Edward's innovative guitar riffs with arena-sized choruses. We will also cover Gary Cherone’s entrance into the VH fold, the live albums, the under-appreciated Wildlife soundtrack, DLR's return in 2012 along with the arrival of Wolfgang Van Halen. 

  • Joe Satriani on For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge
  • James Valentine on OU812
  • Mark Lettieri on 5150
  • Producer John Shanks on A Different Kind of Truth

Right Here, Right Now includes access to private online listening parties and Q&As with Dweezil himself!

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Colm M.

Just a comment for the part of the podcast where you talked about the lyrics for the song 5150. The song lyrics for 5150 are actually impressive! - they are a play on the numbers in the name. Either 5150 started off as a working song title, or if Sammy just wanted to use the 5150 as a name, since it is the album title and Eddy’s studio name. Instead of a song about a crazy person (5150 being the police code for a crazy person)– Sammy broke down the numbers 51 and 50. An even split is 50-50 … so this I a song about selfish person wanting more.  51 being one more than 50 – (…always one more, your never satisfied) I was always impressed on the song lyrics for this song .

Jay P.-P.

Hello Dweezil. Thank you for the continued great content. 
I’m having a problem with this first episode of the RHRN. I only get 16:39 of you and Mark L. 
it just stops. I’ve tried refreshing, logging out and back in and then I waited over night to try again. Still the same. I even restarted my phone. 
many help would be greatly appreciated. 


Hi Jay,

Please make sure you are listening from the correct bundle player. Do you have the 5150 bundle or the Right Here, Right Now bundle? The full episode will only play from the location of your purchased bundle. If you are still having problems after troubleshooting that, please let me know. Thanks, DZ

Jay P.-P.

I think I’m in No Man’s Land. I initially purchased the Early Years bundle, then a while back you mentioned that we could purchase the silver plan subscription and that would get us the RHRN content as well so I did that.
I have tried in both the 5150 bundle and the RHRN bundle. Both give me only 16:39. 


Ok, I'm sure we can solve the issue. Let me get itt sorted for you. Hold tight! Best, DZ

Jay P.-P.

Thank you! 
I understand that being a one man show get challenging. 

Jay P.-P.

Hello Dweezil. 

Any possible solution yet for my situation yet? 


Hi Jay,

Please tell me you've heard from the support team and things are resolved for you now. I've asked them to get you sorted and I wanted to make sure they took care of it. Best, DZ

Jay P.-P.

Yes. All is sorted. Thank you. 
I listened this morning. Loved it. 
5150 is really favorite track off this album for me. I ended up writing a tune that was inspired by learning the intro and those suspensions and inversions. 
I then went back to my fave episodes with Blues. I think these should be sub titled “Squips and Dunkets in a Paper Bag with Blues parts I & II. 

Lee R.

Loving the new episode! There's some standard tuning on 1984 if I'm not mistaken so there was a precedent for the change on 5150


Hey Everyone,

It's 5150 time! I've just uploaded the premiere episode to the Right Here, Right Now bundle player. The 5150 bundle player is uploading as I write. I appreciate your patience and I hope you enjoy the season premiere episode with Mark Lettieri.

Stephen T.

Thanks for the sharing the premier and more importantly thanks for introducing me to Mark Lettieri! I've been listening to his fantastic jams and love it!


Thank you for all of these.  

Ryan j.

Dear Dweezil, Thank you for the great work. I have really enjoyed your series about Edward Van Halen. If possible, might you be able to interview Tom Weber, Eddie's guitar tech. I bet he has information that many of us guitar geeks would love to hear. All the best to you and yours.

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