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    Pick Me I'm Clean

No matter who you vote for today we can probably all agree that this would have been a good Presidential slogan.

Here's a special version of "Pick Me I'm Clean" that includes the Norwegian Wind Ensemble, Oslo Norway, 11-25-2019

Thomas S.

Excellent stuff, with Jacek Onuszkiewicz on trumpet ;) 

scott s.

Dweezil  you ROCK !...without you... life as we know it would not be tolerable..music is the root of real people !   I thank you for being the human Prozac for my mind and ears...



And the bass is killer also!!! Thank you again for these great pieces!!!

David McCain

I love the slower feel in the beginning. And, the trumpet parts through the first set of verses were cool. Great version overall! 


Glad you like it!


I think I subconsciously always thought Tinsel Town Rebellion is my favorite album because of this song. I’m just now realizing this song, during Frank’s life, was only released once on this album, and yet it feels like it is a staple as much as Muffin Man, Torture, or Inca Roads is. Love, Love, Love this!

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