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    Black Napkins #3
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Black Napkins # 3. The final track of this threesome is filled with metric modulations and live band interplay. As an added oddball thematic coherence bonus, I culled this performance from 3 different concerts, highlighting moments that excited the audience. 3rd song of the threesome in 3 parts from 3 locations. We sometimes venture into outer space!

At different times you will be hearing Austin TX, Warrendale PA, and Glenside PA.

Eran Ben Zur - F.O.H Mix

Dweezil Zappa - Lead Guitar

Adam Minkoff - Rhythm Guitar and Vocals

Scheila Gonzalez - Keys and Vocals

Kurt Morgan - Bass and Vocals

Ryan Brown - Drums

Kevin Bents - Keys and Vocals



I've had Zoot Allures in my various automobiles since 1977. And BN is my favorite instrumental, but just barely.  This trio is just priceless. Thanks.

John L.

Glenside PA 2020, with Black Napkins starting the encore?
I was there!  Last concert I saw before this darned pandemic...
Fortunately this show was SO GOOD that it has sustained me throughout this entire year!!
The entire Hot Rats album and so much more, wow, what a show!!!  


Extremely tasty morsels! .... need a show! Hearing a Willy the pimp vibe on the outtro