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    Packard Goose (Cup Of Joe)
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Live performance from 2008.

Mixed from Multi-Track and Mastered by Dweezil Zappa

Vegetable, (Call Any?)

Oh my gosh it was just fantastic! I had just moved to my off the grid location in July 2008! I think I managed to make it to the Montreal Show that year! That show was mind blowing! I had even, from the audience made contact with Shelia as to answering a question that as I write have forgotten! Ughhh  But the point is that it was a hoot! A real blast for me! Then met you all after the show which seems to be a constant! Met you all 1/2 a dozen times now!!! You are all SO so kind to your audience!  NOBODY does that! But you guys do and it is heaven! I even learn drum riffs at your shows because the sound is so perfect! (Been a drummer since 1972!) 
It is ALWAYS an incredible mix live and it feels like I am hearing a live show over my PA System here at home!
OF NOTE is that when You played in the REALLY COLD weather at Jay Peak about 2 years ago, you were all super human!!!!! OMG I don't know how you managed it!
DWEEZ!!! You were in a T-Shirt thru the WHOLE SHOW!!! I had a WINTER coat on and couldn't drink enuff hot coffee to stay warm! 
I kept saying to my friend Helen (We met you @the Egg in NY!) I hope Dweez doesn't get sick from the sudden cold air!
Anyhow, I love your stellar musical works A-Z! Love you all as great musicians, and most of all, GREAT FRIENDS!