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    This version of Rollo is a hybrid. It connects every known version of the song into one single arrangement. Rock and Orchestral styles meld together.

    Dweezil Zappa - Lead Guitar

    Adam Minkoff - Lead Vocals - Rhythm Guitar

    Scheila Gonzalez - Brass

    Ryan Brown - Drums

    Kurt Morgan - Bass

    Cian Coey - Harmony Vocals

    Chris Norton - Keyboards

    Front Of House Mix - Eran Ben Zur


"Dweezil Kn'Evil" LIVE in - Kansas City 2018

What's harder than jumping Snake Canyon with a Big Wheel? Playing 32 Frank Zappa songs live on stage. This "stunt-tastic" performance features classic songs as you've never heard them before unless you were at the show of course!

Songs will be added weekly to dweezilzappa.com for your listening pleasure during the month of July until the album has been fully uploaded.

The official release date is JULY 30, 2021 -

PRE-ORDER YOUR COPY NOW and Save $10.00 off the album until July 30, 2021. (ACCESS to all the tracks as they are uploaded each week is included!)

** Video footage of the actual concert will be available as FREE streaming content to all Silver Subscribers and Dweezil Kn'Evil Bundle purchasers on 7-30-2021 once the album has been fully uploaded. ----- Mastered album audio will be synchronized with the video footage.


1 Purple Lagoon
2 Andy (Original Version)
3 Lonely Little Girl (OZ Version)
4 Flakes
5 50/50
6 Suzy Creamcheese
7 Call Any Vegetable
8 Tell Me You Love Me
9 Rollo (One Of A Kind Version)
10 Absolutely Free
11 Dog Breath
12 Dog Breath Variations (instrumental)
13 Cocaine Decisions
14 Florentine Pogen (ORIGINAL Version)
15 Sleep Napkins
16 Camarillo Brillo
17 Dirty Love
18 Black Page Drum Solo
19 Black Page "vocal challenge"
20 The Black Page #2 Fast
21 Love Ride
22 Dragon Master
23 Peaches En Regalia
24 This Town Is A Sealed Tuna Sandwich
25 Keep It Greasey
26 Cheepnis
27 Son Of Orange County
28 More Trouble Everyday
29 Remington Electric Razor Jingle
30 Sleeping In A Jar
31 Muffin Man
32 Purple Lagoon Reprise


One more day to go. Hope the neighbours love it as much as I will.

David McCain

Saving up my money to get this, soon! Can't wait to hear the whole thing! 

Rich O.

Get in by 30/7 and you can save $10

John F.

Keep it coming Dweezil. Looking forward to more live material and full shows.

steve e.

ROLLO is the ROLLO-IEST ROLLO ever .....

Andree M.

Will there be any more uploads before release besides "Rollo"? I pre-ordered, but long for more ... Thanks!



Hi Andree,

I'm working on mastering the record right now so there's a chance I'll upload a few more prior to the 30th. I will likely replace the version of Rollo with an even better-sounding version now that my studio is up and running.

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