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    Dog Meat
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This arrangement is from the middle 70's and creates the hybrid rock band and orchestra feel. It's probably my favorite orchestral piece by my dad. It might be tied with Strictly Genteel. Both are stellar compositions.

As you will hear, I mention the efforts of the band after the song finishes. It's a very tough piece of music and hearing it played well by only 5 musicians live on stage, making it sound like 15 is impressive.


Dweezil Zappa - Lead guitar and vocals

Scheila Gonzalez - Saxophone, flute, brass, keys and vocals

Adam Minkoff - Lead vocals, rhythm guitar, percussion and keys

Kurt Morgan - Bass and vocals

Ryan Brown - Drums and vocals

Cian Coey - Lead and background vocals, percussion

Chris Norton - Keyboards and vocals

F.O.H. Mix:

Eran Ben Zur