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    Strictly Genteel
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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to Everyone! I have added one of my all time favorite compositions to this "Warts & All" compilation as a special gift for you.It was performed live on stage in Minneapolis back in 2012.

If you ask me, "Strictly Genteel" is one of the most beautiful pieces of music ever written and it's also nearly impossible to play on guitar, well at least the parts I was trying to play!

We only played this song a handful of times on tour and the arrangement is a hybrid of the orchestral version and the rock band version. This is a "Warts & All" version because my guitar isn't completely in tune and I made a few noticeable mistakes. I included this version because I like the humanity of it. The music is so hard to play, there's a lot of notes to remember and much of my part is exposed. It's a bold choice to stand on stage and say, "It's live and I'm going for it... hold on tight." I remember being terrified every time I had to play the super fast lick (2:17 into the song)...yikes!

For 6 musicians on stage to cover the amount of material and sound changes required in this arrangement I think it's quite an accomplishment and I like the dynamics we were able to achieve as a band.

One day I will find an even better version and mix it in ATMOS. That will be a real treat!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this version. Best, DZ


God bless the mind of the man in the street. 





Such wonderment. What a tune.


I remember you performing this in the UK and you saying you brought the wrong strat with you as you needed 22  frets and we're having to bend a note making a complicated part even tougher.


Purple guitars rule!



Awesome! You even included a ^ in the artwork for me. 

Merry Christmas



. Think i was there,?? Miss the shows. Hope to see you in mpls soon.