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Live On Stage 10-10-17 in London England. The Norwegian Wind Ensemble joins us as well.

The solo takes a spin around the Middle East and then goes into outer space.


joe pepe lombardo

Awesome music love it all

Pierre L.

Thanks for that wonderful music

the ^pex

^m^Zing perform^nce of a cl^ssic, ^nd wh^t ^ sweet guit^r solo!


Don K.

Pretty Kick-ass...Hey Dwez...In case you haven't figured it out yet...the food sucks in London! WTF?!?! When are you coming to Chicago (Ron Onesti...the Bill Graham of Chicago)...Need to check out this re-vamped classic theater that he bought...The Des Plaines Theater....perfect SELL OUT Venue for ya! Hope you Book it! Des Plaines Theatre | Des Plaines, IL


Thanks for the heads up! I hope to be able to tour again but inflation and the economy aren't helping matters. I'll keep it in mind if I'm able to get back out there on the road. Best, DZ

Grazio D.

Just amazing. Great song, great solo and great band. Hope you make it back to Montreal, Quebec soon. BTW on our local French version of CNN called LCN one of the reporters/anchor men is named Pierre-Olivier Zappa. Yes! we have a Zappa in our news station. How special is that...Any relation?

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