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    Allen Garber Episode - 23
    August 30, 2023


Episode 23 features our very community member, Allen Garber. Allen has contributed so much insightful information to all of us in the RWTD community about tremelo set ups, tuning offsets and other granular details within the EVH sphere of influence that I decided to open up a conversation to take an even deeper dive!

Donny X

Hi Donny X here. You may already know this. Young evh was a piano virtuoso. He though sound generation as a guitarist. That info is in his wiki....I saw Van Halen in August '82 in St Paul MN. The Hide Your Sheep Tour. Blew me away - always admired. I like using that brown sound myself sans the ability.lol.


Michael O.

Re: Holdsworth and the question of *when did EVH start having those kinds of ideas, you guys talk a little about piano, which I think is very insightful with regard to thinking about notes in a line, on one string. I also always wonder, because outside of Big Bad Bill I’ve not heard any of Jan Van Halen’s playing, how his influence as a soloist lived on in EVH’s playing. I understand that he was a Sax player as well as the clarinet, and I assume several other instruments as well. We know that Alex and Eddie gigged with their dad starting quite early. That influence usually gets talked about in their sense of swing, but I wouldn’t be surprised at all if JVH had certain harmonic sensibilities that later came out in EVH’s music. 

Maybe if you interview Greg Renoff, he might have some resources in that area?

Michael O.

Also Thanks Dweezil, and all of your guests so far, I really have enjoyed the whole series! Looking forward to the Pete Thorn eps!

Matt O.

Loved this episode, but Allen... you didn't have to ruin our image of Eddie on a pedestal, he was dropped from Heaven to us and is a God and could do no wrong! Eddie was never out of tune, guitars went out of tune in his presence...he is the Chuck Norris of guitar players.. anything otherwise is blasphemy .. LOL JK!!  Nice chops btw... and you did prove another thing that I think is very true of Edwards playing.. it's so masterful not because of the individual parts and the techniques as good as they are anyone can learn them if they want to apply themselves, and many have tried and nailed some of them as you demonstrated... as has Dweezil... but it was his ability to first dream them up, second to execute them all together in one song and thirdly most importantly was to play them at the speed he did which is very difficult while running around the stage doing acrobatics.. and then just smile like it was effortless..  Add all of the innovation, changing the guitar industry, amplification techniques, and the list goes on... this is why he is arguably the GOAT to some or at least in the top 5 of all time bookending before and after guitar players..IMHO...pure magic! I will always revere the King of Swing EVH!!  Thanks Dweezil!