1. 24
    Pete Thorn (1) Episode - 24
    December 7, 2023

RTWD Episode 24 Featuring Pete Thorn!

In this episode I talk with Pete about his favorite EVH guitar tones and we attempt to recreate them live in the studio with a few oddball pieces of gear. Many fun stories are shared alongside some powerhouse guitar sounds.


Derek F.

Hey there! I purchased RWTD early years and it looks like I need to buy new episodes like this Pete Thorn episode. Is this true or do new episodes come with my subscription? Thank you!!!


Hi Derek,

The EARLY YEARS bundle only includes the 12 episodes related to the Early Years. All of the episodes from each bundle are available a la carte so if you want to buy episodes from other bundles you can.

There are 3 more episodes left to in production and the entire entire 30 episode project will be complete.