1. 25
    Pete Thorn (2) Episode - 25
    December 17, 2023

RTWD Episode 25 Featuring Pete Thorn!

In part 2 with Pete Thorn, we talk more about his favorite EVH guitar tones, licks and playing nuances. Pete has a funny reaction when he learns he's been playing a famous VH song wrong for years!


Enrique D.

Is there a Fractal used here towards the end or just the SL68? What a GREAT tone!


Enrique D.

What amp was being used here!!?? Wow! Please tell me.


It's a SUHR 100 watt plexi.


Fun episode. Lots of cool details. That computer amp sounded like ass.

Matt O.

I loved this episode, you guys are monsters! Nuances galore!