Niagara Falls, NY, June 29, 2010

Niagara Falls, NY, June 29, 2010

Well .... June 28, 2010 the Turning Stone Casino Show, and 2 VIP's are missing. When we got to the border they asked us the usual questions, told them we we heading to Verona to catch a show, spend the night then catch the Niagara Falls show on our way home. Suddenly he looks at me and said "who you going to see?" ..... Dweezil and his Band I said, and he said "WHO" and I said "Dweezil Zappa". Straight into Border Services where we spent 3 hours. My brother had a 30 year old conviction and we were denied entry, threatened with felony arrest for illegal entry. Mug shots and finger prints taken! 

June 29, 2010 I called my brother and told him I was making a run for the border. I left at noon, flew through the border and arrived at the Rapids Theatre just after 1. 

You can see where I was parked, I had a long wait for the show. Dweezil exited by the stage door around 3 and walked over to van and we started chatting. He told me he heard about our border issues, he was sympathetic, (whatta guy!) He said Phil you're going to have a great time tonite. 

When Dweezil went back in for guitar set up he brought me in with him, just Dweezil, Thomas and me. This went on for over an hour, I took a few shots, mostly just sat and listened. Until I got a tap on the shoulder from security, "the band manager asked me to ask you to leave" I said where's the manager and he brought me over to Billy Hulting .... so Billy and I had a chat, caught up ..... 

Great show, hung out till the band left ..... it's only rock and roll !

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