Toronto, December 15, 2010

Toronto, December 15, 2010

I attended the guitar master class and had a blast Dweezil looked exhausted but put on a great clinic for about 15 of us.

VIP experience Soundcheck! Row 2, right in front of DZ. While running through Black Napkins with video something had the hair on the back of my neck standing up, there was something in the air. After the song DZ looks over at me and said Did you Feel that! HELL YEA, there were ghosts in the room that day, and it was amazing.

After soundcheck I asked DZ, hey can we stay? And he said if you paid for your seat .....

So when the doors opened for the show we went to our seats only to find someone else there .... WTF, so I ask them to leave and he says no these are my seats .... We got security and sure enough he had tickets for our seats TICKETMASTER sold the seat twice .... I told security I wasn't moving I purchased VIP, we weren't the only ones there were about 4 other people though we were the only VIP.

So they bumped us up to the VIP lounge, the projector booth at the back of the theatre and the bar was free. Well P2 couldn't drink he was driving .... well I made up for the two of us .... ticket master eventually refunded our tickets ......

I hung out after the show -20C till the bus left, DZ asked why when it was so cold and snowing .....

well .... it's only rock and roll!

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