Van Halen, November 17, 1988
My first concert and first time seeing Van Halen live. Incredible show!
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Vegetable, (Call Any?)

SO so cool!!
My 1st show was J. Giles, Blue Oyster Cult and Black Sabbath in 1972 at the Vet's Memorial Colosseum On Long Island in NY! Saw Van Halen 1 time. Dream Theater 4 times, Yes 22 times... Frank Zappa 3 times. 4 if you count hanging out w/ him at the radio station I worked at. He was to me, a living walking saint which is so the opposite that most people saw in him. He was kind soft spoken in conversation and just SO friendly!
Been to hundreds of shows live in my days... a few are exceptional, like meeting Jon Anderson, and hanging out with his band during the Anderson Ponty tour... And now having met and sat in pre-show front row with Dweezil rehearse/ sound check and front row for many shows. ELP, YES, King Crimson and more... I so love great musicians!!!